Walkers Club

Group of enthusiastic walkers

Meets daily at 7 a.m. for 45-minute to 1 1/4 hour jaunts in San Ramon and the surrounding hilly area. Walks fall between 2.5 and 3 on a 1 to 5 scale of difficulty. Choose your own pace and socialize as you go. No membership fee required.


Exercise equipment in the gym at Vientos Bajos

Many options for strength and balance training. Free weights, exercise bands, universal, Pilates board, two ellipticals, abs chair, Roman chair, free weight bench, press bench, sit-up stool, balance balls, and steppers. Membership required.

Exercise classes

Group of people exercising on the floor at Vientos Bajos

Classes offered on the basis of availability of instructors and number of participants. Classes include Zumba, yoga, stretch and strength, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong. Membership fee and additional instructor fee apply.

Court sports

People playing pickleball at Vientos Bajos

Pickleball, basketball, volleyball, and badminton. Organized pickleball is played four times a week. Membership required.

Ping Pong

Ping Pong paddles and ball

A professional-level Ping Pong table can be set up upon request. Membership required.



Stacks of library books and other materials at Vientos Bajos

A lending library of more than 1,000 volumes of books, more than 500 DVDs, more than 300 CDs, books on CD, and picture puzzles. Membership required.


Low brass quartet

Throughout the year, Vientos Bajos hosts local, regional, national, and international artists to entertain. We are renowned for our Christmas Madrigal dinners and TubaChristmas. Membership not required, but a donation may be requested to cover costs.

Community Theater

Community theater production at Vientos Bajos

VB hosts community theater quarterly -- either the regional amateur theater group, the Madcap Players, or the oldest expat theater in Latin America, the Little Theatre Group, from Escazu. Membership not required, but a donation may be requested to cover costs.

Lecture Series

Group of people interacting socially at Vientos Bajos

On an occasional basis, individuals invited to make presentations. Review our Calendar or check our Facebook page for upcoming events. Membership not required, but a donation may be requested to cover costs as well as setup, break-down, and facility maintenance.

International Dinners

People eating and socializing at Vientos Bajos

Two to four times annually, VB invites chefs from the San Ramon area to demonstrate their skills in a menu atypical of Costa Rica fare. For example, we've celebrated the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Spain, the United States, and Ireland. Membership not required, but there is a charge to cover costs.


Explorers Club

Paragliders explore Costa Rica

Join a group of fellow expats as we explore various parts of Costa Rica, from paragliding to hiking to deep-sea fishing to sigh-seeing in and around San Jose. Most are day trips, but overnighters can be arranged. Membership is not required, but associated costs like transportation may be needed.

Cinema and Sunset

The movie screen is ready, and our stunning sunsets await toasting.

Our still-under-construction Cinema and Sunset series will be located in our activities room with a 10' by 16' screen. A movie will begin in the afternoon and finish with a pot luck and toasting the sunset. Membership required.

Music Groups

Musical group performs or practices at Vientos Bajos.

Anyone who plays or wants to learn an instrument is invited to join or help form a group of musicians. VB currently hosts a ukulele group, low brass group, recorder group, and soon, possibly a garage band. Membership is not required.

Board Games

Dominoes and other board games are available for play at Vientos Bajos.

Our activities room has plenty of space for board games. All we need is someone to take the lead! Whether your interest is bridge, Texas Hold 'Em or Mexican Train dominoes, we'll bet there's a group of expats in the area who'd love to join you.